The innovative combination of ingredients in Sustain, which is formulated around the miracle compound known as Resveratrol, creates a product akin to a multi-vitamin. Sustain boasts around 75 times as much Resveratrol as the average glass of red wine. Regularly taking Sustain will help increase your longevity and enhance your overall health.
– Includes 30 pouches per box

F.I.T.T. Rx™

F.I.T.T. Rx™ is just what the doctor ordered. Designed by a physician, F.I.T.T. Rx™ provides fast acting energy, prolonged focus, and long term effects. Thanks to our revolutionary gel formulation and 2100mg proprietary blend of super-ingredients, F.I.T.T. Rx™ boasts sustained, jitter-free energy without that dreaded crash. F.I.T.T. Rx™ can be taken regularly as a health supplement, as it contains a tasty and low calorie mix of vitamins, amino acids, and leading edge ingredients.
– Includes 12 pouches per box

F.I.T.T. Extreme™

For those who desire a more vigorous energy boost while keeping focus, look no further than F.I.T.T. Extreme™. With Resveratrol as well as increased amounts of Caffeine and L-Arginine, F.I.T.T. Extreme™ is the perfect complement to a grueling workout session or an all-nighter in the office. Its gel form allows the ingredients to be absorbed into your system and start working more quickly than a traditional energy drink. And best of all, there’s no crash! Our proprietary blend of ingredients below has 1850mg of doctor formulated power!
– Includes 12 pouches per box



This is not your ordinary multi-vitamin. In addition to all the essentials, GX-Life’s Multi-Vitamin has a combination of energy-boosting ingredients that will leave you feeling not just healthy, but invigorated and focused for the day ahead.
– Includes 60 tablets

Joint Support

Improve flexibility and relieve your aches and pains with Joint Support. Joint Support helps you rebuild cartilage, alleviate the discomfort and stiffness of arthritis, and protect against the constant wear and tear of exercise due to our revolutionary combination of ingredients.
– Includes 60 tablets


Reduce toxins in your liver and rid your body of excess waste with DetoxMax. DetoxMax helps prevent damage to liver cells and simultaneously promotes a sense of well-being with our unique combination of proven, natural detoxifiers.
– Includes 60 tablets


Fortify your digestive tract with Enzymax. This assortment of thirteen essential digestive enzymes combined with the probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus and BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract helps simultaneously defend your immune system and break down the foods that cause indigestion. Some of these extraordinary enzymes help you digest a specific category of foods, while others more generally promote digestive wellness.
– Includes 60 tablets

Advanced Probiotics

Reclaim your body’s natural digestion with Advanced Probiotics. Packed with ten strains of microflora, Advanced Probiotics allows you to eat the foods you want without your stomach instantly regretting it. Modern diets contain little fiber and an excess of sugar, salt, and processed foods. This imbalance can often cause digestive discomfort, but thanks to Advanced Probiotics’ unique combination of a multitude of “good” bacteria, such pain and distress can be a thing of the past. Some of these miracle ingredients are shown below.
– Includes 60 tablets

Weight Management

GX-Life Slim Down

You diligently diet and exercise, but those pesky pounds just won’t go away. That’s where Slim Down comes in. Slim Down is a twice-daily, sustained-release tablet designed to complement your existing weight management routine. Packed with natural metabolism boosters like Green Coffee, Moringa, and Banaba, Slim Down is any dieter’s best lifeline.

GX-Life Super Berry Shake

Shake off those extra pounds with a GX-Life Super Berry Slim Shake, a truly guilt-free way to manage your weight and reduce cravings. Just drink this nutrition-packed yet tasty blend in place of a high-calorie and fat-filled meal to start living fit! In addition to a delicious berry flavor and 12 grams of natural protein, our shake is loaded with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at its very best, even after a hard workout.
– Includes 14 packets per box


Fruit Enzyme Foaming Cleanser

Renew your skin with GX-Life’s Fruit Enzyme Foaming Cleanser. Our cleanser penetrates facial pores with a gentle foaming agent to flush out dirt, makeup, and other irritation-causing debris. It will leave you feeling new and improved thanks to the power of enzymes and other ingredients.
– Contains 3.3 fl oz

Moisture-Boosting Night Repair Cream

Enrich your skin’s inner glow with GX-Life’s revolutionary Moisture-Boosting Night Repair Cream. Our proprietary blend of natural ingredients including Hydraporine™ and Lanablue® organically hydrates the skin to give you a soft and luxurious allure.
– Contains 1 fl oz

Line-Diffusing Diamond Eye Cream

It has been said that the eyes are windows to the soul. With GX-Life’s Line-Diffusing Diamond Eye Cream, those windows will become just a bit brighter. Our active ingredients like Beautifeye™ and Aldavine™ can protect you from UV damage, prevent premature aging and even reduce the visibility of dark circles by five times. Return your eyes to their youthful radiance!
– Contains .05 fl oz

Regenerative Multi-Action Concentrate

What if you could turn back time? Well, with GX-Life’s Regenerative Multi-Action Concentrate, you can. Our exclusive assortment of peptides, ceramides, and other innovative ingredients helps firm the skin and reduce the visible signs of aging.
– Contains 1 fl oz

Skin-Brightening Diamond Illuminator

After using GX-Life’s Skin-Brightening Diamond Illuminator, you won’t have to be embarrassed of dark spots, acne marks, or other unsightly blemishes anymore. With a combination of clinically proven proprietary ingredients, including groundbreaking compounds Brightenyl® and DermalRx® SRC, the Skin-Brightening Diamond Illuminator produces immediate and visible results.
– Contains 1 fl oz

Lifestyle Packs

Beauty Pack

Hydration. Elegance. Radiance. These are just a few of the youthful qualities that GX-Life’s Beauty Pack can bring to your look. This pack includes all of our beauty creams and serums specifically designed to reduce the visible signs of aging and recover your skin’s natural, youthful glow.

This pack includes:

1 Moisture-Boosting Night Repair Cream
1 Line-Diffusing Diamond Eye Cream
1 Regenerative Multi-Action Concentrate
1 Skin-Brightening Diamond Illuminator
1 Fruit Enzyme Foaming Cleanser

Wellness Pack

During the busy rush of a 9-5 workday, the most common thing to forget is your health. That is why GX-Life has created a Wellness Pack to help maintain your overall health and longevity even during your hectic schedule. With support from our healthy energy gel, Sustain™, and nutraceuticals, you can do what you love, longer.

This pack includes:

1 Sustain
1 Advanced Probiotic
1 Multi-Vitamin
1 DetoxMax
1 Enzymax

Weight-Management Pack

You diligently diet and exercise, but you just can’t manage to shed those pesky pounds. That’s where GX-Life comes in. Our Weight-Management Pack is designed by medical and industry professionals to be the perfect tool for anyone aspiring to lose a few pounds or change that person in the mirror. With premium energy gels, nutrient-packed protein shake, and weight-management agents, brace yourself for a change you can see.

This pack includes:

1 Sustain
2 F.I.T.T Rx
1 GX-Life Slim Down
2 GX-Life Super Berry Shakes

Fitness Pack

GX-Life’s Fitness Pack is designed to provide a regimented program to help you reach and maintain optimal body function. Along with a structured workout, this Fitness Pack is your best chance to reach your ideal self.

This pack includes:

1 Sustain
1 F.I.T.T Extreme
1 F.I.T.T Rx
2 GX-Life Super Berry Shakes
1 Joint Support