The founder of GX-Life, Michael Dunn, had a vision; it was originally to provide a healthy alternative to attain the daily energy needed for today’s hectic lifestyle. Initially, Mr. Dunn developed F.I.T.T. Energy gels with military personnel and athletes in mind. His winning formulations provided a healthy sustainable energy gel without the jitters experienced from highly caffeinated energy drinks. Later, he would also add ingredients such as the mood lifting St. Johns Wort to benefit the working parent or anyone else who needed to make the most out of every hour. Upon launching GX-Life, he re-formulated and perfected energy gels. We have expanded our product line to include nutritionals and beauty products with the same approach and guidelines; Safety First, Healthy Alternative, and Premium Products.  Our goal at GX-Life is to build awareness and a healthy lifestyle, one that we want for our friends and family.

The GX-Life team represents a diverse tapestry of cultures that span the globe. We believe in our products and use them. We are proud of the many hours of research and development along with quality ingredients packed into each GX-Life product. We live the commitment, the passion and the drive to ensure our premium products are known and respected, not only on a national scale, but all over the world.

The Plasticos Foundation

GX-Life Global is committed to bringing hope to and improving the health of young people around the world through our partnership with The Plasticos Foundation.

The magnanimous physicians who volunteer with the Foundation perform surgeries that immeasurably enhance the lives of children with correctable body deformities, birth defects, congenital malformations, and traumatic disfigurements. The Foundation also seeks to advance the field of Plastic Surgery through trainings, research studies, and public education. They often conduct lectures and free trainings to surgeons in host countries, enabling the locals to carry on their important work.

As a result of the Foundation’s work, the lives of innumerable children across the globe have changed for the better. Through the magical touch of the Foundation’s surgeons, whatever afflictions these children bear are removed, allowing faces once riddled with sadness to be replaced with smiles of hope and pure joy. This is how the Foundation fulfills its philanthropic mission to help, serve, nurture, and mold the lives of the next generation. That is what The Plasticos Foundation stands for and what GX-Life Global strives to support.

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